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Hello there, my name is Allen and I have been living here in CZ since 1990. So I know what it is like to be an expat living in CZ and some great places to visit.
I ride a Yamaha FJR1300 and you can see me out most days as long as it is not raining.


I started this club to find other like minded people who enjoy motorcycling and organise road trips together, also to make new freinds

The club is open to all nationalities, styles of riders and motorbikes. Regardless  of your level of riding ability that you have. Our aim is to help other bikers be safer on the road and expand your motorcycling expierences. Our only requirement is that you can speak resonable English and your bike is safe and legal to ride. In fact the club has riders from England, USA, Poland, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Germany.


Do you need some advice or help with your motorbike then we may be able to help you. So if you want to service, modify, add accessories then contact me. I have a fully equiped garage with a bike  ramp, tools and MIG welding. 


Do you need some help with your riding technique then we may be able to help you with on-on-one tuition.


So come on join us for a club ride and see if you want to join us on more trips and make some new friends.





Welcome to the only motorcycle club for expats living in CZ.


It`s all free!

So how does the club work........


Its very simple,


After you have contacted me and I have your email contact details, you are then added to the club email contact list where you will be notified of all rides, events and general news. 


Group ride

This is open to everyone, whatever type of motorbike you ride or your level of riding ability.

I will arrange a group ride once a month which will be on the FIRST MONDAY of each month. This will enable you to reserve this date in your diaries and plan well ahead. If want to join a ride then you must email me to confirm Yes/No so that I know how many riders to expect.


The first ride this year is planned to be on Sunday the 6th April.


I will contact you via email and tell you where the meeting place will be, the destination and durration of the ride. Generaly we usualy meet at 10:30am then after a quick safety and ride briefing we will all depart together. A sweeper rider will follow up the rear of the group to help keep the group together.  

There will be many pit stops for fuel and saddle breaks followed by lunch in a cheap pub or restaurant. I try to include a theme for the ride which may include visiting castles, towns, historical places of interest.

The group ride is not about speed its about enjoying the ride with friends!


Advanced Ride

I will also be arranging Advanced Rides. These are longer distance one day rides typicaly between 350-500kms so obviously the road pace is higher and may not be suitable for slower crusiers, smaller engined bikes or less confident riders.


Weeekend Ride

Depending on club interest we may go on a full weekend ride, stay in a cheap hotel so that we can enjoy a few beers - party time!!!



Every year I try to plan a week long adventure ride, this can either be camping or staying in cheap hotels or hybrid of both. Past trips have included touring in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, Lichtenstein, Poland.


Special events

Every year there are old fashion road races, drag races and motorbike shows which we can attend and meet up at.


The most importnat thing is that we have fun and ride safely. If you have any ideas of places to visit or events then let me know and can consider them for future trips.



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